Gennady Samokhin

the scene-designer

I was born and live in Moscow. I studied at architectural faculty in GUZ in Moscow. I worked in “Szena” since 1996 a scene-designer, painter. I densely cooperated with the famous artist-set designer Boris Krasnov. I’ve worked independently as the scene designer at “Art Project” since 2001.

— Gennady Samokhin

About the company

The company “Art project” works at the market as art and production workshops about 16 years. It carries out all complex of works on creation of scenery of various directions:

Concerts and show

TV studios and exhibition stands

Corporate actions and presentations

Weddings and celebrations



We make scenery using our drawings and sketches. We also make 3D modeling, if it is necessary. We carry out assembly-dismantling works, transportation and utilization, and also, if it is necessary, responsible storage. For us there are no uninteresting clients. We make scenery both for small parties and for grandiose projects (show programs), always being in search of fresh and modern solutions…